Premium HD is a modification of our Premium trailer. They feature a chassis designed to suit bigger loads, carry more weight, and add mobility to your transporting. The Premium carries 750kg ATM capacity, whilst the Premium HD & HD Tandem both carry loads of 1400kg & 2000kg respectively.

The Premium series is built to last and comes with the optional extras toolbox storage, ladder racks, spare wheel, and wheel bracket.

$1,660.00 $1,599.00

Cage *

Ladder rack *

Ramp *

Spare wheel *

Spare wheel bracket *

Toolbox *

Coupling lock *

Registration *

Canvas Covers *

425mm High Sides *

Pay a deposit of $200.00 per item

In general, we recommend staying away from bolt together trailers. This does not say bolts are inherently inferior. We have just seen too many poor bolting applications. So we only provide fully weld trailer for Australia conditions.
Each Trailer comes equipped with an extremely heavy duty drawbar (100x50mm). Providing extra support for your heavy loads
Solid Axle: Century only use solid axles for all our trailers
Australia Standard Ford bearing: Century Trailers only provide Australian standard Ford Bearings which are reliable and easily purchasable from all major automotive stores. Unlike American Ford Bearings which can only be purchased from overseas
Eye to Eye spring: The best choice for box trailer suspension. Perfect for light off-roading.
Extremely strong chassis, our premium trailers are built on 50x50mm RHS frames with a 40x40mm RHS vertical support in the middle. Giving you peace of mind when carrying heavy loads
Fully side steps not only serve as a convenient method of loading your trailer but also provide more structural strength to the trailer and even protects the body of your trailer. Tie down rails around the trailer for extra convenience. Ladder rack holder: Premium models come with ladder rack holders, perfect for loading long items
Tilt Functionality comes with our premium model. Prefer a non-tilting solution? We have addressed this by adding our 8-point locking system ensuring structural integrity long term.
All lighting is led and fitted inside a protective covering ensuring the lights are protected from damage.
Front tail gate You may need to load items that are longer than usual. To assist, we have designed our trailer to have the front tail gate drop down to give you more loading area

When you need something bigger and better than the Premium trailer, the Premium HD 8 x 5 trailer is exactly what you are looking for.  Engineered upon the success of the Premium trailer. The Premium HD Trailer boasts a sturdier, more reliable chassis to give you confidence.  It also gives you more stability when your load is bulky and you are hauling it over an uneven surface. The tying bars on three sides, optional cage, and varying cage heights are still features! For sizing, the options start at 7 x 4 and range to 9 x 5. A Premium trailer is an exceptional, quality model with no compromise on durability.

The Premium 8 x 5 HD trailer is the direct result of customer feedback. With an eye towards quality, Century Trailers controls the entire supply chain.

We take pride in the design, production, and assembly of all our trailers. Made from only the highest quality components, using local plans, and exceeding local standards. Our Warehouse, cater to all trailer maintenance and repair. Century Trailers are tested against the cruelest Australian conditions.

The Premium HD 8 x 5 trailer can be adapted easily, with cage options, ladder racks, and wheel provisions.

Modify your Premium HD trailer to suit your requirements. Deliver your potential with the Premium Trailer.


– Chassis: 2480mm x 1535mm
– Internal Trailer Size: 2400mm x 1530mm x 300mm
– Side: 300mm High Fully Welded
– Drawbar: 1600mm,100mmx50mm
– Finish: Hot Dipped Galvanized
– Body: Tilt Body, Drop Down Front/Rear Panel
– Flooring: Checker Plate Floor
– ATM: 750kg
– Warranty: 12 Months Limited Warranty


– Axle: 40mm Solid Round Axle
– Spring: 7 Leaf Eye To Eye Spring
– Brake: None
– Wheel: Brand New 185 R14C Wheels(Tyres&Rims)
– Jockey wheel: 6″ 750lbs Swing Up
– Coupler: 50mm Australia Standard
– Lights: LED
– Lights Plug: Round or Flat 7 Pin Plug
– Safety Chain: 2x10mm
– Cage: 600mm High HDG Cage
– Ladder Rack Holders
– Tie Down Rails All Round
– Mud Flaps Supplied & Fitted
– Full Length Checked Plate Step Up Platform