8×5 Premium HD Tandem ATM 2000KG

$2,999.00 $2,820.00

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Pay a deposit of $300.00 per item

Inner size is 2400mmX 1530mm. (Most of the 8x5 trailers in the market size are 2400mmX 1500mm. When you load an object of 1500mm size, plus packaging, 1530mm is a better size.)
Hot-dip galvanized trailer.
Checker plate floor.
Coupling is on top of the drawbar, better position for balance.

Heavy-duty 1.9m drawbar (100mmx50mm RHS). Providing extra support for your heavy loads
Long drawbar for easy reversing.

Mechanical/ electrical axle is available.
Australia Standard Ford bearing: Century Trailers only provide Australian standard Ford Bearings which are reliable and easily purchasable from all major automotive stores. Unlike American Ford Bearings which can only be purchased from overseas.
Heavy-duty Rock N Rollers Spring.

Extremely strong chassis, our Premium Tandem trailers are built on 50x50mm RHS frames and 40x40mm RHS vertical support in the middle. Giving you peace of mind when carrying heavy loads

Tie down rails around the trailer for extra convenience.
Welded on ladder rack holders.
Ladder racks are stopped at the platform and sit inside of the tie-down rails, which will protect ladder racks from outside and under.

● Led lights fitted inside a protective covering ensuring the lights are protected from damage.

Dropdown front & tailgate. May extend more loading space at the front.
8-inch jockey wheel.
14″ Brand New Sunraysia Rims and Light Truck Tyres.

The Premium 8 x 5 HD Tandem trailer model gives you all the assurances of a Premium HD trailer, with straighter drives, better shock absorption, and better overall stability. With four tires you can trust your trailer to haul your load with minimal fuss! Dependable tying bars on three sides give your load added stability for travel. Alternatively, you can also choose to cage your trailer at 600mm or 900mm height, or have no cage at all! Your trailer cage is additional to the standard 300mm height of the box. This helps to distribute your load and share the strain more evenly. It goes a long way to keeping your Premium HD Tandem trailer in good condition for longer. A spare wheel, to go with your wheel brace, is also optional. Superior shock absorption gives you peace of mind that your load is secure in transit and will arrive safely.

At Century Trailers we know that your loads are important, so we do not compromise on quality. Our exceptional staff is involved in the supply chain at the design, production, and assembly stages. Century Trailers are made from quality Australian Standard components, using local plans, and exceeding local quality standards. Additionally, our trailers are tested against the cruelest Australian conditions. What’s more, you can be assured that your trailer will stay local for maintenance and repairs with our local maintenance and repair warehouse in Rocklea.

Our Premium 8 x 5 HD Tandem trailer is a reliable and durable model. Varied sizes and cage options mean you can modify your Premium HD Tandem trailer to suit your load requirements. Rest assured that your trailer can do the job – no matter the size!

Technical Specs

  • Chassis: 2480mm x 1535mm
  • Internal Trailer Size: 2400mm x 1530mm x 300mm
  • Side: 300mm High Fully Welded
  • Drawbar: 1900mm,100mmx50mm
  • Finish: Hot Dipped Galvanized
  • Body: Drop Down Front/Rear Panel
  • Flooring: Hot gip galvanised checker plate floor
  • ATM: 2000kg
  • Warranty: 12 Months Limited Warranty


  • Axle: Dual Axle,50mm Solid Round Axle
  • Spring: Heavy Duty Rocker Roller Spring
  • Brake: 10″Mechanical Disc Brake
  • Wheel: Brand New 185 R14C Wheels(Tyres&Rims)
  • Jockey wheel: 8″ 1500lbs Swing Up
  • Coupler: 50mm Heavy Duty Manual Over Ride Braked Coupling
  • Lights: LED
  • Lights Plug: Round or Flat 7 Pin Plug
  • Safety Chain: 2x10mm
  • Cage: 600mm High HDG Cage