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Rusty Radies Railer

Seeing a tradesman trailer for all my life, I cannot imagine tradies working without one. As I travelled across Asia, I am proud to describe it as one of the best Australian inventions.

A tradesman trailer is very useful indeed. It is safe. And, it offers extra space. Fitting as a trailer means you can tow the trailer for work. Decouple it and your ute can be the perfect family car (if you bought a dual cab).

But I have not been a fan of the tradesman trailer, mainly because of its look. It is just a boxy trailer with stuff inside.

Yes, I know. Lads add shelves and toolboxes so their tradesman trailer can fit what they need. But it is just boring to look at. But when you see the Asia alternative, you will find ours much more pleasing.

tradesman trailer alternative
tradesman trailer alternative

How the others do it

I have been travelling to Malaysia, Thailand, China and Indonesia for quite a few times. And I have been, literally, scared by their way in carrying tradies stuff.

Many will just hang their ladder unsecured on the side of their van. Considering the rough road surface, it is just horrific to travel beside one of them.

Not to mention our little red cloth when carrying overlength pipes or wood boards, the planks that they carry in Asia is long enough to flex onto the ground. And it is not uncommon to see a truck obviously overloaded as its suspension looks almost collapsed.

While it is all cheaper alternative in Asia, it is just too dangerous for us Australians to look at their way in carrying goods and tools. While roadkill in Australia could be kangaroos or wombats, I fear the roadkill in Asia could be me.

tradesman trailer for Australian conditions
tradesman trailer for Australian conditions

The trusty tradesman trailer

I used to think the tradesman trailer a huge hassle. Not only do you need extra care when towing a trailer, but you also need to maintain and service one more vehicle.

But, when I have seen it all, I realized the tradesman trailer is a god send for Australians. It helps our road to be much safer. And our tradesman can better organize their work.

Even if you do not want to build it yourself, you can purchase a tradesman trailer with shelving and toolbox built in. And the side steps make it much easier to load stuff onto the trailer, especially for the roof rack.

The tradesman trailer is just an awesome alternative to risky loading of goods and tools. And my friends love it as they can tow the tradesman trailer to work and tow a caravan for a weekend getaway.

Looking for a tradesman trailer?

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