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Century Trailers Single & Tandem Box Trailers

Box Trailer for Sale in Brisbane

Century Trailers partners with quality manufacturer to create trailers specifically designed for the rougher Australian roads. All of our trailers, including the standard box trailers, are fully welded from end to end. Along with solid axis and galvanised steel, the strength of our trailers is immense.

Safety is a crucial area that Century Trailers values. Therefore, safety chains are included with every trailer we sell. LED lights are also pre-installed for the safety of other road users. Such qualities also add value to our products for an exceptional value for money.

A wide range of options

One size never fits all. So we stock various sizes of trailers for your different use cases. Categorised as Standard, Premium, Premium Heavy Duty and Premium Tandem, the carrying weight of the trailers increases from one to another. Starting from $1170, our standard trailers are perfect for small loads.

For heavy duty use cases, the Premium Heavy Duty and Premium Tandem trailers are perfect for you. These trailers can reach up to the maximum 3,500kg ATM for general car licences. The extra axle in the tandem model also helps with balancing the trailer.

Century Trailers - Your First Choice

Century Trailers encourages everyone to tow safe. Therefore, we include a manual book with every trailer that we recommend a read through. It is essential to follow all the instruction and safety guidelines in the manual for the safety of yourself and other road users.