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Cattle Trailer

Century Trailers present you with outstanding quality designed Cattle trailer/livestock trailers for Australian rough conditions. Century Trailers build 2 different ranges of Cattle trailers to meet all different propose.

We offer 3 different finance company (Zip money, Trailer pay, Credit one) on our entire range of trailers where cover 0 Interest-free finance, Low docs finance, and Normal finance.


The Century Trailers Cattle (3500KG ATM) trailer comes in both 10×6 and 12×6 models. Engineered for safe driving and easy reversing The Cattle Trailer features a drop down load ramp, sotted sides and removable crate. Full four side tying bars an optional spare wheel and wheel bracket.
From $135 p.w. - 0 Interest Free


Century Trailers Cattle  trailer (3500KG ATM) with multi-fuction ramps for load cattle or machine. Welded crate, not rivets. High Side Box. Swing rear gate for easy cleaning. Side rails for easy to load the cattle.
From $145 p.w. - 0 Interest Free

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Cattle Trailer for Sale Brisbane

Century Trailers' manufacture brings many types of the trailer including Single / Tandem Axle box trailers, boat trailers, hydraulic tipper trailers, Flat top trailers, cattle trailers, builders/tradesman trailers and fully enclosed trailers. We take pride in the strength, Safety and quality of every Century built for Australian conditions. Century Trailers’ reputation for combining quality and value for money ensures satisfaction, enjoyment and even great resale value. With Century Trailers, all you have to think about is what you want to do.

Choosing Best Cattle Trailer

Cattle trailer is used for farm shipping. If you are a livestock farmer, and you run the industry of it, cattle trailer is the best option for you. There is no reason not to buy this trailer because it is important for short distance shipping. You can load any kind of animal as long as you have multiple cattle trailers that can separate them. The key to ensuring a success shipping of livestock is the considerations before you operate. You need to consider the weather and the road condition to make sure the animal's comfort. Another consideration is the trailer to load them. You have to make them comfortable too. That is why you should choose the best cattle trailer for your farm. Then how to choose it? We have the tips in choosing the best cattle trailer.

When you have a farm, having cattle trailer is a must have the thing in your farm. It is for your flexibility to ship your cow or pigs to the customers. This trailer is with an open rear tub shaped that is usually used to transport goods. This type of trailer is intended for the mobilization of goods, has a large capacity for freight transportation If you are going to buy a trailer, your type of business is very influential with the type of trailer you will buy. You have to know whether you will use the trailer for cattle, box or more. You will need a type of trailer with a fairly large trailering capacity and quite hygienic. It is to make sure the quality of your farm. If you need a trailer for furniture, then cattle trailer is not what you need. Make sure the trailer you buy is in accordance with the conditions of your business cash flow. Trailers are assets as well as investments. Calculate the estimated real-immaterial benefits gained by owning a trailer and compare it with the costs incurred. Do not let you spend all the funds you have in order to have a trailer. If the costs incurred are not worth the benefits, maybe a used trailer is the solution.

After knowing the use of the trailer you want to choose, now you can decide the size. There are two sizes available for cattle trailer in Century Trailers. The only difference in the product of cattle trailer is the size. The first size if 10x6 and the second size is 12x6. All of them are available for 2990KG. The material used to manufacture this cattle trailer is from high-quality steel that can help you to develop your farm through good shipping. There are several options you can choose when you are going to buy Cattle Trailer in Century Trailers. You can see the spare wheel, the bracket, and toolbox. All of those options come with a different price too. If you need all of them, you need to have a backup for the budget too. There will be no cons when you add more attachment for your cattle trailer because it must be so useful for your farm.