About Hot Dip Galvanising Trailers

Hot dip galvanising is a process that protects metal surfaces, like aluminum and steel, from corrosion by coating them with a layer of zinc. After manufacturing, the trailer is immersed in a pool of zinc heated to around 460 degrees Celsius. This hot zinc flows around and through the trailer chassis, creating a robust barrier against oxidation and rust.


While hot dip galvanising is highly effective in preventing corrosion, it does require some basic maintenance to ensure your trailer’s longevity. For more details, you can visit the Galvanizers Association of Australia.


Hot dip galvanising is designed for industrial protection rather than cosmetic appeal. Consequently, your trailer’s surface may lack the smooth, polished look of paint and may exhibit some cosmetic imperfections. These are normal and not considered defects. Common issues include:


Incomplete coverage of the entire trailer

Holes needing to be drilled after galvanising

Areas requiring cold-gal application post-dipping

Warping of steel due to heat exposure

Zinc runs or excess buildup in certain spots

Grinding marks from removing excess zinc

White oxidation caused by high humidity during the process


Repairing Damaged Galvanised Coating

If the galvanized coating on your trailer gets damaged, you can repair it with a cold-gal (cold-galvanising) spray pack. Apply this touch-up as soon as possible to prevent the metal from oxidizing.