XC7-SR07 Skid-Steer Loader

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Rated loadkg750
Tipping loadkg1500
Operating weightkg3140
Maximum breakout forcekN18
Rated powerHp/kw49.3/36.8
Rated speedrpm2500
Cooling modeWater-cooling
Performance parameterOperation modeMechanical & multi-function electronic control
Tire standard10-16.5
Maximum speedKm/h14
Hydraulic systemHydraulic flow rateL/min62.5
Optional large flow
Hydraulic pressurebar200
AMaximum operating heightmm3878
BBucket hinge pin heightmm3057
CCabin top heightmm1960
DMaximum horizontal height of bucket bottommm2851
ELength without bucketmm2533
FLength with bucketmm3310
GToppling angle°40
HMaximum unloading heightmm2375
KGround-bucket angle°30
LRotating angle of bucket at highest point°83
JUnloading distancemm575
MWheel basemm1027
ODeparture angle°25
PGround clearancemm183
RFront radius of turning circle (without bucket )mm1183
SFront radius of turning circle (with bucket)mm2066
TRear radius of turning circlemm1564
ULength of tailmm1005
VWheel trackmm1380
WTire edge widthmm1640
XBucket edge widthmm1800
Bucket capacity (stacking height)m30.45
Bucket capacity (tiling)m30.35
Diesel tank capacityL80
Capacity of hydraulic oil tankL60

XC7-SR07 Skid-Steer Loader

The SR07 skid-steer loader, equipped with a powerful engine and versatile attachments, excels in tight-space operations, making it an ideal solution for road construction, municipal maintenance, port handling, garden upkeep, and pasture production. This efficient machine ensures cost-effective operations and significant economic benefits.

Highlighting key features:

Featuring a renowned brand engine, the SR07 delivers robust power, ultra-low emissions, and heightened fuel efficiency. The static hydraulic drive technology ensures a stable drive with high efficiency and reliability, complemented by a fully-sealed sprocket case and high-strength chains featuring automatic lubrication for maintenance-free operation.

Its international interchangeable quick-change coupling facilitates swift and convenient attachment changes, including options like a sweeper, planer, breaking hammer, and ditcher.

The solid and reliable integral frame design combines a compact structure with high firmness and reliability, with critical structural parts optimized through finite element analysis for a rational stress distribution.

Flexible operations are enhanced as the bucket automatically maintains a level status during lifting, preventing material scattering and improving overall working efficiency.