Top Things to Consider When Purchasing a Trailer for Your Racing Car

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Purchase of racing cars is an important investment, and important investments should always be backed up with a safety net that will protect the value of that investment. You have made a wise decision by buying that race car you always wanted; now it is time for you to safeguard your wise decision with a trailer that protects your race car! The exhilarating thrill of taking your race car for a spin in the racetrack must be unmatched. To ensure that the thrill of owning a car lasts long, it is imperative that you buy a racecar trailer.

There are various trailers for sale in the market, here are a few things to consider while purchasing a trailer for your car:

  1. The first point to consider while purchasing a race car trailer is its purpose. Are you going to use this trailer for the transit of vintage cars or for ferrying the car to the racetrack? Is the trailer going to be used for single or multiple cars? If multiple cars are the answer to that question, you’d be better suited off with a stacker trailer.
  2. Another point to consider while choosing from various trailers for sale is the size of the trailer. This depends heavily on your budget, and the number of cars you want the trailer to accommodate. The standard size of a trailer that can hold a single car is 8′ x 16′. The most common sizes that are preferred in the market are 8.5′ x 20′ and 8.5′ x 24′.
  3. It is necessary for the purchaser to decide between open and enclosed trailers. The prime deciding factors with this point are the distance of travel and the comfort of the cars. Enclosed trailers prevent the cars from any exterior natural damages and assault from onlookers. The car can also be permanently stored in an enclosed trailer. Comparatively, open trailers are cheaper and can be used to transporting cars to shorter distances. Stone guards can be used to prevent the cars from external debris.
  4. There are various trailers available for sale in Brisbane, but for making an informed choice, deciding the weight of the trailer is crucial. The weight of the trailer you purchase determines the size of the tow vehicle and the load it can carry. Knowing the weight of your car and the towing truck’s capacity are the two important factors for making this decision.
  5. Yet another deciding factor for making the purchase is choosing between steel and aluminium trailers. Aluminium trailers are rewarding investment choices when it comes to preventing your trailer from rust, and aluminium trailers last longer. But that doesn’t mean steel trailers lack quality, with proper care, steel trailers can also last long. It should also be noted that the choices between both weigh heavy on the weight of the trailer. Aluminium trailers are slightly lighter than steel and are considered a better choice while transporting heavier cars.
  6. While making a choice between trailers available for sale, it is also helpful to go through the license. Transporting cars through trailers is a tricky business and the laws for the same change from state to state. The final step of the purchase is to go through the license and make sure that the book is following all the state and federal length guidelines.


Choosing a trailer for your race car can be an expensive decision, considering the above points will definitely help you get a clearer picture. Apart from all these points, another factor to consider is the trustworthiness of the place from where you are making the purchase. It is crucial to research about your seller.

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A video available on their website, of the product you’re about to purchase, will give you a better idea. Details about standard and technical configurations are clearly mentioned, and you can chat with the customer service on the website if you have any further doubts regarding their products. Century Trailers seems like the one-shop-stop for all your queries regarding trailers.

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