All You Needed to Know About Scissor Lift Trailers


A Scissor Lift Trailer is a trailer that has been specially designed for the transportation of scissor lifts and other equipment’s that require ultra-low ground clearance. These trailers eliminate the use of dangerous slanting ramp boards that allow for equipment loading and delivery without double handling. It extends a low center of gravity for safe towing and makes possible minimum loading angle, which is convenient for low ground clearance and minimized gradeability vehicles like forklifts, scissor lifters, ATMs, safes and sweepers. You can easily load and transport cargo with the flexibility, safety, and ease of operation that a scissor lift trailer provides. If you need a trailer for transporting cargo in and out of low clearance doorways or simply wish to avoid obstacles, a scissor lift trailer is what you need.

Scissor Lift Trailers are offered in Various Style and Weight Capacities

You can avail of a scissor lift trailer based on your individual needs. Scissor lift trailers are commonly made available in different styles and sizes. Some of the possibilities for customization when choosing a scissor lift trailer are –

• You can choose from a gooseneck hitch or a straight tongue scissor lift trailer.
• You can purchase a single axle or double axle scissor lift trailer.
• Towing capabilities offered on scissor lift trailers range from 4,400 to 15,000 lbs. You can pick from any weight towing capacity that seems suitable for your trailer towing needs.

You can also find retailers willing to custom make a scissor trailer for you, depending on your specific needs. Choose a scissor trailer that is fit for handling rough Australian weather and terrain conditions.

Choose a Scissor Lift Trailer Made in Galvanized Steel

When you decide to make your scissor lift trailer purchase, try to buy a scissor lift trailer. A scissor lift trailer made from galvanized steel will offer protection against rust and corrosion, ensuring that you can continue to use your trailer for more than just a couple of years.

A painted or galvanized steel trailer will enable you to carry most kinds of plant and machinery on it in any conditions. You can generally choose from a pick of colors made available when buying your scissor lift trailer.

Look for Warranty and Roadside Assist Services

Scissor lift trailers, like practically any other trailer type, come with standard warranty assurance. You don’t want to spend on a scissor lift trailer and then have it give way to load pressure or other stressors within a handful of months. It is a good practice to ensure that the trailer retailer you are purchasing your scissor lift trailer from provides warranty coverage against such unforeseen issues.

Roadside Assist will prove extremely convenient when your trailer breaks down mid-transit, and you need immediate help in fixing the problem. Certain scissor lift retailers offer customers free Roadside Assist services, and it is wise to purchase your trailer from them rather than a retailer who doesn’t offer the same services.

We hope we’ve been able to cater to all your questions about scissor lift trailers above. You should now be able to decide whether you need one and what to look for when shopping for a scissor lift trailer.

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