Car Trailer: How Should You Choose The Right?

We love our cars and do everything within our means to care for them. Starting from its maintenance to its transportation, we spare no expense to take care of it. The right car trailer is an important part of caring for your special car.

You could choose between an open trailer and an enclosed one, depending on your preference. Open car trailers are simple to load as they are light and flexible. Plus, they are affordable too. On the other hand, enclosed car trailers offer more safety for your vehicles and tools. Both these styles of car trailers are available in a variety of models. They can carry one or more cars and can be customised to your personal preference.

So, how should you choose the right car trailer?

Have you been hunting trailers for sale? Finding it difficult to decide the right one?

Follow these tips to find the right car trailer for you:

1. Determine the number of cars you want to haul: First and foremost, ask yourself how many cars do you want to haul? Your answer to this question will also determine what kind of tow vehicle you will need. The things that you have to bear in mind are safety, maintenance costs and licensing requirements for both your trailer as well as your truck.

2. Determine the use of the car trailer: What would you be using your car trailer for? Do you need one to haul a car or a boat or do you want one to carry cargo? If you want to haul an expensive car, then it is best that you buy an enclosed trailer. The cover will protect your car from damage while being hauled. It will also protect it from the rain and sun, all the time keeping it secure even if you are away.

3. Check the weight class: Car trailers come in a number of weight classes. You must buy one that is capable of hauling the heaviest vehicle that you want to load on it. Keep in mind that the weight of the transporter includes the weight of the trailer. When choosing the weight class, add the weight of the heaviest vehicle that you intend to haul.

4. Pick the right hitch: A frame-mounted hitch is much stronger than a bumper-mounted hitch. If your vehicle is towing around 950 kgs, then, as a general rule, you must have a frame hitch. Choosing a hitch also depends on your license. If you have a class B license, you can only haul up to 3,500 kgs. For that, you are allowed to buy a Class I, II or III hitch. If you are hauling more than 4,500 kgs, then you would need a Class IV hitch. However, you would need a heavy truck for the same.

5. Physically check the trailer: Buying a vehicle or a trailer without physically checking it first, is never a good idea. If you must buy online, try to get as many views of it as you can. In the case of buying a trailer from a seller near you, it is a good idea to go and physically inspect the trailer. It is always a good idea to check for yourself instead of getting misled by fancy trailers for sale ads.

6. Check your license: You must have a proper license before you buy a trailer.

7. Steel vs Aluminium trailers: You can get good quality car trailers in both the steel and aluminium variant. Aluminium trailers are costly, but they make up for it by being long-lasting and rust-proof. Steel trailers can also be very durable; however, you will need to touch them up from time to time to prevent rust.

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