Your Guide to Tandem Trailers

Tandem trailers

Tandem trailers are a popular kind of trailers that come with different configurations. These are trailers that make use of two axles, and normally with an individual suspension system fitted for each axle. This is different from the more common setup, which involves a single axle. Since there are two axles in tandem trailers, this means that the wheels are of two pairs as well, it will provide higher carrying load,  more stability in high speed, and better towing experience. This is what mainly differentiates a tandem trailer from other kinds of trailers.

Century Trailers‘ Flat Top Tandem Trailers
Century Trailers‘ Flat Top Tandem Trailers

What You Should Know About Tandem Trailers Brisbane

Why is a dual axle system used in a tandem trailer? In order to better understand this, let’s say you’re thinking about moving a box that is both big and heavy. It could be possible for you to do this by yourself, but you would be putting strain on your body. There is also the risk of you dropping the box and damaging the cargo inside.

Should you get someone else to help you move this heavy box, then your work becomes easier. This is the main idea that’s used in a tandem trailer. With one more pair of wheels to disperse the weight load of the cargo, tandem trailers are able to be more stable and safer when towing it on road, due to its bigger and heavier build, its great suspension system and brakes system too which is forced by the regulations. Plus, For most drivers, it is way easier to control and reverse, comparing to single axle tandem.

Benefits of Using a Tandem Trailer

These are the benefits associated with using a tandem trailer over a single axle trailer:

  • Tandem trailers are designed for heavy-duty moving and hauling
  • They tend to have a greater capacity for bearing weight
  • They have better suspension when compared to single axle trailers
  • Tandem trailers provide stability that is improved, especially while transporting heavy and large items
  • Tandem trailers are much more flexible when it comes to the kinds of cargos that can be hauled
Century Trailers‘ Hydraulic Tandem Trailers
Century Trailers‘ Hydraulic Tandem Trailers

What Are The Common Features That A Tandem Trailer Has?

A tandem trailer Brisbane has the following features. Look for these when you’re considering buying this kind of a trailer:

  • There will be two axles, meaning that the trailer will have two pairs when it comes to wheels
  • A tandem trailer is capable of carrying loads that go up to 2000 kg
  • These kinds of trailers are usually made using galvanized steel
  • Tandem trailers are made using material of full checker plate that’s around 2.5mm
  • The hydraulic brakes can be overridden

If you invest in a tandem trailer from tandem trailer manufacturers, then you can move cargo that is heavier than 750kgs. While a single axle trailer can also help you haul heavy loads, a tandem trailer tends to be more stable. You can also enjoy better handling and can haul different types of cargo. Get in touch with a tandem trailer company in order to bring home a top tandem trailer today.

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