Choosing the Best Car Trailer

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Do you want to move your car from one place to another? Are you looking for a car trailer for sale to help take your car to a show? If so, then we have some useful tips to help you. This guide will tell you all you want to know about car trailers.

If you are looking for car trailers for sale, then this guide will help you choose the best trailer. The guide has practical tips to help you select the right trailer for you.

Tips for choosing the best car trailer

  1. Decide how you will use it

It is obvious that if you buy a cattle trailer, you will use it to transport cattle. Similarly, a car trailer is for hauling cars. Decide on how many cars you would move. If you have large operations, then you may need a stacker trailer that can be used to haul more than one car. If you want to move a single car, then you need a simple car trailer. You may need a box trailer type of car trailer that is enclosed on all sides if you are moving a vintage car.

  1. Choosing between open and enclosed trailers

An enclosed trailer, as mentioned above, is best suited when you want your car to be secure. An enclosed car trailer is closed from all sides and offers complete protection to your car. You can be assured that your car will not suffer even a scratch when you move it into an enclosed trailer. However, open trailers are expensive. If you are not worried about the prospects of some minor scratches, then you can choose an open trailer.

  1. The size and weight

The size again depends on the car you want to transport. The size varies from 8 feet by 16 feet to 8.5 feet by 24 feet. You may even be able to get a customized size. The trailer weight needs to be decided based on the weight of the car and the towing capacity. You need a vehicle that can tow the trailer with the car(s) loaded. Check the payload for the trailer before going ahead with the purchase. The weight class is a factor to be kept in mind. Ensure the trailer corresponds with the right weight class, so you don’t have a problem during transportation.

  1. The material

The trailer could be made from steel or aluminium. The benefit of aluminium is that it is lighter than steel, which makes towing easy. However, aluminium trailers are more expensive. If it fits your budget, you can choose aluminium. Else, you can go with steel. You need to be careful here because some dubious dealers can give you a trailer fitted with aluminium sheets on steel frames. This is why you need to buy the trailer from a reputed dealer.

  1. Choose the options

You need to choose the options or accessories needed with the car trailer. Some of the things to keep in mind are:

  • You may need extra height in the enclosed trailer if you have a particularly tall car to transport.
  • If you plan to be in the trailer while moving the car, you may want an AC trailer so you can be comfortable.
  • A get out door is an interesting option. The door syncs with the car door. So, you can open the car door and get out of the trailer easily.
  • An open centre trailer allows you to work on the car or repair it by getting under it while it is in the trailer.
  1. The hitch

You need a hitch mounted to the bumper. This is the cheapest and best option to use. If you want a comfortable experience while towing, then consider a gooseneck hitch. This is the best option to ensure safety. The decision to use the hitch depends on the weight of the car and the number of cars being moved.

  1. Ensure you have a license

You may need to have a license that allows you to tow the car. Check your license and enquire from the local authorities to find out if the license you have is adequate. If needed, ensure you get a license to comply with the law.

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