Haul Your Herd with Confidence: A Look at Century Trailers’ Lineup

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In the vast expanse of Australia’s rugged terrains, the demands on equipment are as formidable as the landscape itself. For those in the agricultural industry, transporting livestock safely and efficiently is paramount. This is where Century Trailers steps in, a beacon of reliability in the world of cattle trailers.  

Century Trailers’ success lies their unwavering commitment to innovation. Each trailer is a testament to their relentless pursuit of perfection, incorporating cutting-edge design features that elevate performance to new heights. From aerodynamic exteriors to advanced suspension systems, every aspect is meticulously engineered to deliver unmatched reliability and efficiency. 

Century Trailer’s Commitment to Quality 

Century Trailers understands the critical role their trailers play in your operation. Their unwavering commitment to quality ensures you receive a product that’s reliable, durable, and built to last. They achieve this through: 

  • High-Grade Materials: The trailers utilize robust materials like zinc-annealed steel for superior corrosion resistance. This translates to a longer lifespan for your investment, even in harsh weather conditions. 
  • Expert Craftsmanship: Century Trailers employs a team of skilled craftspeople who take pride in their work. Their meticulous attention to detail ensures a strong, well-built trailer that can withstand the rigors of everyday use. 
  • Smart Design Features: From strategically placed reinforcements to a well-balanced weight distribution, Century Trailers incorporates thoughtful design elements that contribute to the overall strength and functionality of their trailers. 

Two Trailer Ranges to Meet Your Needs 

Century Trailers recognizes that every livestock operation has its unique requirements. That’s why they offer two distinct trailer ranges to cater to diverse hauling needs: 

  1. Century Stock Trailers:
  • Ideal for: Short to medium-distance transport of cattle, sheep, goats, and other livestock. 
  • Key Features: Available in a variety of lengths to accommodate different herd sizes. These trailers offer a comfortable and secure environment for your animals, featuring: 
  • Spacious Interior: Allows animals ample room to move around, minimizing stress during transport. 
  • Non-Slip Flooring: Provides secure footing for your livestock, preventing injuries during travel. 
  • Ventilation System: Ensures proper airflow, keeping animals cool and comfortable on hot days. 
  • Side Access Doors: Facilitate easy loading and unloading of animals. 
  • Strong Slam Latches: Keep doors securely closed during transport. 
  1. Century Cattle Trailers:
  • Ideal for: Long-distance haulage of cattle and other large livestock.
  • Key Features: Engineered for maximum strength and stability on long journeys. These trailers boast: 
  • Heavy-Duty Chassis: Can handle the weight of large animals and challenging terrain.
  • Reinforced Suspension System: Ensures a smooth ride for your livestock, minimizing stress. 
  • Hydraulic Brakes: Offer superior stopping power and control, crucial for safe long-distance travel. 
  • Additional Features: Often include features like: 
  • Fully enclosed sides: Provide additional protection from the elements. 
  • Internal partitions: Allow for further separation of animals. 
  • Escape doors: Offer an extra layer of safety in case of an accident. 
  • Customization Options: Take your cattle trailer to the next level with options like: 
  • Removable decks: Create a versatile trailer usable for different types of livestock. 
  • Winch system: Assists with loading and unloading large animals. 
  • Under-trailer storage compartments: Provide convenient storage for tools and equipment. 

 Choosing the Right Century Trailer for You 

Selecting the ideal Century Trailer depends on your specific requirements. Here are some key factors to consider: 

  • The type and size of livestock you haul: Stock trailers are suitable for most livestock, while cattle trailers are ideal for larger animals and longer distances. 
  • Frequency and distance of travel: Consider the trailer’s durability and features based on how often and far you’ll be transporting your animals. 
  • Your budget: Stock trailers tend to be more budget-friendly, while cattle trailers offer additional features at a higher price point. 

The Benefits of Choosing Century Trailers 

When you choose Century Trailers, you’re not just getting a trailer; you’re investing in: 

  • Animal welfare: Their trailers prioritize the comfort and safety of your livestock, ensuring a smooth and stress-free journey. 
  • Reduced downtime: Their robust build quality minimizes the risk of breakdowns, keeping your operation running efficiently. 
  • Increased productivity: By ensuring your animals arrive at their destination healthy and rested, you can focus on maximizing your farm’s productivity. 
  • Long-term value: The high-quality materials and construction of Century Trailers mean they’re built to last, offering exceptional value for your investment. 


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