How To Select The Right Cattle Trailer For Your Bovines?

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With spring and grazing season approaching, it is the perfect time to replace your old cattle trailer with something new and durable. However, buying a new trailer is an exhaustive and lengthy process, which you should carry out very carefully.

Here are some tips to help you make the decision when buying a new trailer:

Keep your needs in mind: Everyone has unique needs when it comes to buying a new trailer. You need to keep track of all your requirements and needs before you go in search of a new trailer. What is your budget, what will be the purpose of this trailer, and how much capacity this trailer needs to have are some questions that need to be answered? Your purchase will be different for different purposes such as will you be only hauling cattle around in it, or will you be using it for other purposes such as moving equipment as well. In case you have a budget constraint, keep in mind that you shall have to bear additional costs of insurance, warranty, and registration.

In case you are also planning on buying a new truck to match with the trailer, the process becomes much easier. However, if you already have an old truck, you need to ensure that the trailer you buy is compatible with your truck. If they aren’t compatible, it is just a waste of a large amount of money. You also need to keep the weight of the trailer as compared to your vehicle in mind. Calculate an approximate total weight of the cargo on the trailer and the trailer in mind, and see what your vehicle will be able to handle. 

Trailers are generally available in two materials, aluminum or steel. Aluminum trailers are slightly more expensive, but they are much more long-lasting and have higher strength making it easier to pull. Steel trailers, on the other hand, are much lighter and cheaper so if your truck cannot accommodate heavyweights, a steel trailer might be a better choice for you.

You also have options when it comes to the roof of the trailer. You shall have to choose the roof of your trailer based upon the general climate of your area. We suggest:

  • Colder climates – A solid roof equipped with solid walls will help to keep your livestock warmer. It will also be easier to get rid of any piled up snow. 
  • Hot, humid climates – We suggest a bow-top trapped roof along with slanted walls for warmer areas. This shall allow the air in and prevent the inside of the trailer from getting too stuffy. The slanted walls will get rid of all the moisture and contribute to the longevity of the trailer. 

In case you are buying a used trailer, get a thorough background check done on it. Make sure that the seller has purchased the trailer legally. Several thousand trailers are stolen across the country, and if you end up buying a stolen trailer, it could cost you a lot of money and effort in the future. It is also suggested to make sure that all the functionalities of the trailer are in place before you buy it. 

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