How to Use a Tipper Trailer Safely?

Tipper Trailer

Tipper trailers are used to transport things that can slide down easily and then be dumped. Earth from construction sites can be taken as an example in this regard. Dumper trucks with tippers are usually used for the transportation of the earth, leading to the container being lifted at an angle that allows for the contents to slide down.

Tipper trailers are used for exactly this function, with the only difference being that tipper trailers are smaller than dumper trucks. Much like a regular trailer, it can be attached to any other vehicle.

Tipper trailers are used in numerous and eclectic work environments for different purposes. However, the usage of tipper trailers requires a lot of care and caution. Let’s take a look at some of the safety tips to follow with regards to tipper trailers.

How to Load a Tipper Trailer

When loading a tipping trailer, there are a few basic safety rules to keep in mind. Know the Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM) of your tipping trailer. Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM) refers to the combined weight of a given trailer when it is completely loaded, but not equated to that of a towing vehicle.

The reason this number is important is so that the maximum capacity of the trailer isn’t exceeded, or else you won’t be able to tow it legally and safely.

Make sure that the load is evenly distributed throughout the trailer so as to prevent any form of swaying. The trailer remaining stable is crucial both while it is being unloaded and towed. See to it that the load isn’t piled higher than the feasible level. The ideal percentage to follow is 60% of it being in the front part of the trailer and 40% of it being at the back half of it.

Unloading a Tipper Trailer

For your tipper trailer to be operated safely and effectively, a couple of simple unloading rules need to be followed.

Firstly, ensure that there is sufficient clearance so that the tray won’t encounter any hindrances while being lifted. You can check this before raising the trailer tray.

Secondly, remember to position the trailer on the ground in a manner such that it’s even and flat. When you raise the tipper tray, there’s a change in the trailer’s gravity, and hence this should be kept in mind. Most of the workplace mishaps and accidents happen because of the trailer getting unbalanced.

If this happens while the tray is being raised, it can end up falling on its side. Hence, parking on stable, leveled, and a well-compacted ground is necessary.

Lastly, please stay away from the trailer tray when it is being lowered or raised. If you stand close to it, your clothing or body could get tangled or trapped in either the body or the hydraulic mechanism of the tipper trailer. Also, be sure to keep as much distance as possible from below the tray while it’s being raised, because in case it’s suddenly lowered, you could end up getting hurt.

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