The Difference Between Single Axle Truck and Tandem Trailers

Tandem Trailers

You know you want to buy a new trailer, but not sure which one? You probably have started your research and now realize there are different types, sizes, and models to choose. One of the first questions you might come across is should you invest in a single axle or a tandem trailer?

The construction and axles dictate their performance, so knowing how you will use your trailer will determine which to choose. Simply put a single axle trailer has one axle and one set of wheels, where a tandem has two axles with two sets of wheels. Let’s explore further so you can choose the right one for you.

Where the Singe Axle Truck and Tandem Trailers used?

A single axle truck is a large vehicle that has only one drive axle in the back. This type of truck is commonly used for local deliveries., mostly purchased for home use, they tow easily behind the smallest cars. While tandem axle trucks with two drive axles are commonly used for long-distance trucking. This trailer is suited to those needing to carry heavier loads and you can easily spot one by its two set. They are perfect for handling heavier loads and offer a higher payload than Singles.


Benefits of Having Single Axle Truck

  • Smaller and easier to maneuver in tight spaces.
  • Lighter weight so they are easier to tow.
  • It’s generally cheaper than Tandem Trailers.
  • Less maintenance.

Benefits of Having Tandem Trailers

Tandem trailers are ideal for demanding applications and provide operational benefits. They also have increased load capacity and can transport longer vehicles.

  • Have better suspension.
  • Generally larger than Single Axle Truck so that can carry a heavier load.
  • More stable at highway speeds and conditions.
  • Better stability and sturdiness.
  • Heavy duty built to regularly transport heavy loads.
  • Safer as the brakes will help you stop immediately, especially important when carrying a heavy load.

When choosing between Single and Tandem Trailers, the first step is to figure out how you’ll use it and what you’ll be hauling. A single axle is ideal for towing lighter loads on a regular basis. If you need to transport heavier loads and are concerned about safety, a tandem trailer is the way to go.

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