3.2T Car Trailer

ATM 3200kg Car trailer with a load capacity of 2150kg, the Car Trailer is reliable, robust and functional. The chassis is a tandem trailer design to ensure superior shock absorption and load stabilization. It loads with a convenient drop mechanism onto the platform, designed with exceptional grip and stability. Car Trailer for sale in Brisbane

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Century Build Car trailer with C-Channel frames and Drawbar, which provide much more strength than normal Tubes. All we thinking is about your car towing safe on our trailers.

1900mm long C-Channel drawbar will provide the best balance for your trailer.
Axle: 3200KG ATM Car Trailer We are using two 50mm solid axles with four 10inch electric drum brakes(Parallel bearing), more loading rate, Safety and reliable system in Australia.

Spring: Heavy duty 7 leaf 7mm rocker roller spring.
Extremely strong chassis, our 3200KG ATM Car trailers are built verity RHS with Cross member. Giving you peace of mind when carrying heavy loads. Dual Electric brake system with brake away system provide best safety support and reliability
Also, you will find ramp slider under chassis.
Tilt Function: We are proudly introducing our car trailer has tilt function, which means you could drive your racing car on the trailer without removal front bumper, Or suitable for a super sports car.
1600mm Ramp, longer ramp give smaller ground angle. After tilted down, it only has 10 degrees from the ground which makes your loading easier and smoother.

Century Trailer’s Car Trailer is robust, reliable and functional. Designed for steady driving, superior shock absorption, and balanced load stabilization, the 5m long by 2m wide Platform accommodates most vehicles comfortably. Its sturdy design provides exceptional grip and stability during transit. The loading ramp has a sturdy, simplistic drop in and out mechanism to make loading effortless. So, whether you are transporting your car from A to B, or beyond, the loading ramp, platform, and our all-around tying bars give you dependable methods to make sure your car is transported with security and stability. As with all Century Trailers, the 3.2T Car Trailer can be modified your way.

At Century Trailers, we pride ourselves in the design, production, and assembly of all our trailers. Our Cattle trailers are made from the highest quality, Australian Grade components. From the design, production, and assembly of all our trailers, to the sales and marketing: at Century Trailers we pride ourselves on doing everything in-house.

This also means that we have a maintenance and repair facility in Rocklea, that takes care of repairs, replacements, and maintenance of all our trailers. Having involvement from end-to-end in our supply chain gives us the assurance that we are selling you a quality product in our Car trailer. Our customer service agents are confident in the trailers we sell, and you can be confident in the product you buy!

It is our pleasure to provide you with a tough and reliable Car trailer.

Technical Specifications

  • Structural C-Channel Frames(100x50x4.8)
  • 1600mm Ramp, Tilt Body 10 Approach angle For RACING CAR
  • Suitable for 4×4 Car/Sedan or Racing Car/Bobcat/Machinery/Scissor Lift
  • 3200KG ATM
  • 4.0T Capacity Axles With Parallel Bearings
  • 1800mm Under Body Slide Long Ramps
  • Hot Dipped Galvanized
  • 4 Wheels 10′ Electric Brakes

Standard Configurations

  • ATM: 3200KG
  • Tare: 1050KG
  • Payload: 2150KG
  • Deck Size: 5m x 2m(16.6×6.6ft)
  • Drawbar: 1900mm Ultra-long Draw Bar For Easy Reversing
  • Chassis Structural: C-Channel Frames(100x50x4.8mm)
  • Floor: Checker Plate Floor
  • Suspension: 4.2T Capacity 7 Leaf 7mm Springs With Rocker Roller Suspension
  • Jockey Wheel: 8’Heavy Duty Jockey Wheel
  • Coupling: 50mm 3500kg Electric Coupling
  • Axles: 50mm Solid Axle,10″Electric-Brake With Ford 5 Studs
  • Wheels:185 R14C Tyre&Rim
  • Ramps: 1800mm Length,300mm Width
  • Lights: LED