10 Different Types of Trailers

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Trailers are vehicles that are unpowered (meaning they cannot run on their own). They are connected to other vehicles so they can be operated. Trailers are most commonly used for transportation. They can even be used as mobile homes or recreational vehicles.

While trailers are used for personal purposes, they are mostly used by businesses for transportation. There are different types of trailers available. The type of trailer depends on its use.

We take at the different types of trailers available in the market with details on their use.

10 Trailer Types

1) Box Trailers

A box trailer is the most common type of trailer used in the transportation sector. The name comes from the box-shaped container or trailer in which goods can be stored. While typically, box trailers are fully enclosed, they can come in different shapes. Box trailers can be enclosed in metal or even in grills (when used to transport animals). Box trailers are available in different sizes and you can make your selection based on the type of goods being transported.

2) Cattle Trailers

A cattle trailer is also known as a livestock trailer and is exclusively used to transport cattle. These trailers can come in different levels with upper and lower decks. This allows for transporting more animals. The trailers can be in any of the types:

  • The van-type where the entire trailer is enclosed and can be temperature controlled.
  • The fenced type where the trailer is open at the top. It is the basic type of trailer.
  • Enclosed trailers are covered, ensuring better protection for cattle.

3) Car Trailers

Car trailers are trailers that are used to transport cars. When you get a car trailer for sale, you can use it most for two types of cars, including compact cars and sedans. The special feature of the car trailer is that it is loaded on the trailer with all four wheels off the ground. It ensures secure transportation of a car from one place to another.

4) Motorcycle Trailers

As the name suggests, this trailer is used to transport motorcycles. It can be enclosed for great security or can be open. The type of trailer would depend on your needs.

5) Boat and Jetski Trailers

A boat or jet ski trailer can be used to haul boats. The boat can be loaded on the trailer. The trailer is then attached to another vehicle to take it to its destination. Boat trailers are needed when boats have to be transported from their place of manufacture to the place of use. Boat owners can use the trailer to take the boat with them to different places.

6) Utility Trailers

A utility trailer is a general-purpose trailer that can be used for multiple uses. It can be towed by a car or any other vehicle. It is an ideal type of trailer to tow personal goods or equipment. It usually does not exceed 6000 pounds of weight.

7) Refrigerated Trailers

These are special trailers that are enclosed and temperature-controlled to keep them cool. This type of trailer is used to carry goods that need to be maintained at a cool temperature. Pharma products would need such kind of an environment for transportation. Food products like ice creams would also need refrigerated trailers for transportation.

8) Travel Trailers

A travel trailer is a caravan or a camper that is mounted on wheels. It can be fixed to a car to move it. This is ideal for taking on vacations. Camper trailers can have water tanks and off-road suspensions. Larger trailers include recreational vehicles.

9) Tank Trailers

This type of trailer is an enclosed trailer. It is used to transport special types of cargo. It can be used to transport water, grain, or sand. In some cases, a permit may be needed to use this trailer.

10) RGN Trailers

An RGN or Removable Gooseneck trailer is used to carry long-tail cargo. It is used to carry heavy machinery, trucks, or other such heavy cargo.

Whatever is your requirement, you can find trailers for sale that meet your requirements. You can get the trailer and use it to transport goods or any other need. Get a trailer from a reliable and reputed provider.

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