All You Need to Know When Buying Camper Trailers

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If you are a hodophile or a wanderlust, you might be on the lookout for a trailer. Countless adventure enthusiasts have trailers these days, and why shouldn’t you? However, before you buy a trailer, it’s important that you consider some important factors that may affect you and your adventures in the long run.

In this post, you will get to know what these factors are and why they matter. So, read on and take the knowledge you need to buy a trailer that fits your needs and wants.

Factor #1: Motorhome vs Towable

If you already have a car, preferably one with good towing capabilities (a truck or an SUV), you might consider exploring towable trailers. These campers, as their name suggests, cannot be driven and need to be towed. Compared to motorhome trailers, these are much more affordable.

However, if you do not have a car or have one without towing capabilities, exploring motorhome trailers would make more sense. Of course, these trailers are much more expensive compared to towable trailers, but the fact that you can drive them makes all the difference.

Factor #2: Hard floor vs soft floor

Another factor that’s essential to consider is the hard floor vs soft floor comparison. Soft floor caravans are similar to cabinet tents. To set them up, you only need to extend the frame. If storage and living space are your priorities, a soft floor would make for the better option. However, there are some soft floor campers that are quite time-consuming to set up. So, ask for a demo before you buy a soft floor variant.

However, if facilities matter more to you than storage and living space, you need to look no further than hard floor campers. These campers can be set up in a matter of minutes. On hard floor caravans, the roofs raise up and all the space is offered by the rear section.

In terms of structural quality, hard floor campers have much more to offer than soft floor campers. However, keep in mind that if you buy a towable hard floor camper, you need a heavy vehicle. Also, consider the facts that they have less room to offer and are much heavier than soft floor options.

Factor #3: Accessories and features

No matter how much you love the outdoors, you need the indoors for certain things, which is why it’s important to inspect trailers to know what accessories and features they have. Also, some accessories and features are necessary, while others are luxury. For instance, extra batteries, additional tyres, and water tanks are necessities. However, sound systems, TV, and solar panels are luxuries.

On the accessories and features front, it’s the kitchen that’s arguably the most important. It’s especially important if you want to spend a long time out on the road. Check for kitchen items such as burners, grills, and hot plates. Last but not least, what’s the refrigerator like? Additionally, don’t forget to check the bathroom. Some campers offer cramped bathrooms that aren’t really ideal for long-term plans.

Factor #4: Price

The last factor in this post has to do with the pricing of the caravans. Of course, if you want to buy a brand new caravan packed with accessories and features, you would have to spend a fortune. Thankfully, there’s also the option of buying used trailers. Let’s take a look at the advantages you will enjoy if you buy a new camper:

  • No wear and tear or damage
  • Warranty
  • Customization options

However, there are disadvantages you need to consider as well, such as:

  • Expensive
  • Costly insurance premiums
  • More customizations will translate to more costs


So, those were four of the most important factors to keep in mind before you start shopping for a trailer. We wish you all the best on your adventures!

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